17 comments on “Barry Cooper, 1943-2015

  1. I am sincerely shocked: I knew Barry Cooper since 1971 (that makes 44 years), when I met him in Berkeley. I learnt recursion theory from him, in the sense that he was supervisor of a “reading course” I took. My teacher Barry was 28, I was 23. I somehow kept contact with him, mostly his merit. I am sincerely shocked.

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  4. I am in shock because of his sudden death. He was a great mathematician and a very good friend, indeed. He will be missed…

  5. Barry and I became close friends and emailed each other daily. We had many interesting conversations on quantum computers and the limit of algorithms, mathematics, wave functions and collapse to metaphysical aspects of the mind and personality….and all of it was always tied to Alan Turing. We talked about codes in music to simply what music we like. We talked a lot about Alan Turing. He shared a number of photos of himself as a child, adolescence, college and present day to me and I shared my photos and artwork to him. We spoke daily for the last 2 years. On 14 October he told me he was ill awaiting test results, then he told me he had abvanced cancer and was given 3-6 months to live. In his last email he told me he wanted to spend the time he had left to his research. His last words to me was ” you and Alan are very important to me”, “we will talk later”. I desperately tried emailing him but never heard back.
    I dearly miss talking to him, my computer is eerily quiet, I dearly miss our lively conversations, he was my best friend, I shall deeply miss him.

  6. Barry and I became close friends emailing each other daily with lively conversations on quantum computing and the limits of algorithms, wave functions and collapse and a lot on Alan Turing. He shared photos of himself as a child, adalessence, college aged and the present. I shared also and my artwork.
    He told me a few weeks ago he was ill….I thought flu, but he said he is waiting to go in for tests on his liver. I became concerned. His last email to me was on 14 October to let me know he had advanced cancer of his liver given 3-6 months to live and wanted to spend as much time towards his research as he has. His last words to me was ” you and Alan are very important to me. We will talk later” I desperately tried to email him but I never heard back. The quiet loss of lively emails from Barry is defining. We once talked about the tragedy of the sudden silence of so active a mind as Alan Turing was. Now I am grieving over the sudden loss and silence of Barry Coopers active life and mind. A grate and terrible loss for all of us. I will deeply miss you Barry.

  7. Barry was a very good friend. A terrible shock to loose so suddenly. He told me he wasn’t feeling well early in September, we talked almost everyday

  8. I met Professor Barry Cooper many times at CiE and European Logic Colloquiums since 1990, and my colleagues working in pure computation theory told me that Professor Cooper has been one of main contributors in the filed since many years ago. I do very regret, … my condolences …

  9. Barry was the best friend of Bulgarian Logic. We miss him very much and we love him
    a lot. I personaly will miss him deeply.

  10. I knew Barry in the 70s as a fellow comrade in the communist party. Barry always impressed me with the gentle, unassuming manner in which he would apply sound logic and thoughtful analysis to difficult political issues. I regret not having made cont\act again after many years away from Leeds.

  11. I have been looking for years for my long lost cousin Barry R. Cooper. His mother’s name was Violet. Sadly, could this Barry possibly be my cousin from Dover Kent England?

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