8 comments on “A nautical problem

  1. Just sum up the following four potential scenarios:

    Probability of Fire (“F”)
    Probability that cargo is Unharmed (“U”)
    Probability of Chemical damage (“C”)
    Probability of sinking (“K”)

    Call the sum of all four, representing 100% probability “You”. I’ll let you do the workings out.

    Cheers Larry. Sorry about the highly likely loss of goods.

  2. Banjo has a good starting point here.

    We also need R (“an external factor which means the other risk factors are correlated”), E (“the likelyhood that you will get compo”), and D (“the dollars you will get in compo”).

    So we have (U*R*F*U*C*K*E*D)/(U)

  3. I just got an email to tell me some rare, only-available-in-Japan motorbike parts I ordered were also on that ship. It’s kind of weird to think just how much gets lost when this sort of thing happens – how many containers were carrying luxury cars and so on.

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