5 comments on “I danced with a man, who co-authored a paper with a girl, who appeared in a film with The Prince Of Wales

  1. No, you have Erdos number 3. You have a paper with Macpherson, who coauthored with Peter Cameron, who has a paper with Erdos. Which is significantly better than moi.

  2. That a fascinating link to some baseball player, but it seems that he has neither acted in a film, nor published a mathematical paper…

  3. Not so. He appeared in Summer Catch with Susan Gardner, who was in In The Cut with KB.
    And… he once autographed the same baseball as Erdos. Hence he has E-B number 3.

    This also makes me more confident about my 5, since comedy claims evidently count.

  4. Right you are, sir. Although, personally, autographing a ball for Erdos doesn’t count in the Erdos-number stakes.

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