This page contains a list of some of my writing and speaking, not including my technical publications and talks. You can read what other people have said about me here.



Maths 1001, Quercus, October 2010. “Absolutely everything you need to know about mathematics in 1001 bite-sized explanations.”

How to Build a Brain and 34 other really interesting uses of mathematics (a.k.a. Mathematics without the boring bits a.k.a. How to solve the Da Vinci code), Quercus, 31 March 2011.

The Maths Handbook, Quercus, November 2011

Chaotic Fishponds and Mirror Universes, Quercus, April 2013

Mathematics in 100 Key Breakthroughs, Quercus, July 2013 (To Appear)

• I contributed to 30 Seconds Maths, edited by Richard Brown, published by Ivy Press, May 2012

• I contributed to Fifty Visions of Mathematics, edited by Sam Parc, published by Oxford University Press, May 2014

My books are managed by The Science Factory.



The algorithm that runs the world (cover feature about linear programming and Hirsch’s conjecture), New Scientist magazine, 11 August 2012.

Ultimate Logic (cover feature about set theory and the continuum hypothesis), New Scientist magazine, 30 July 2011. (This article is included in The Best Writing on Mathematics 2012, ed. Mircea Pitici)

Large cardinals: maths shaken by the ‘unprovable’, Daily Telegraph, 9 November 2010

Something doesn’t add up (cover feature about arithmetical incompleteness and large cardinals), New Scientist magazine, 16 August 2010.

Knot or Not? (feature article about knot theory and categorification), New Scientist magazine, 18 October 2008 (available in Mandarin here).

From e to eternity (feature article about about e, transcendental numbers, and Schanuel’s Conjecture), New Scientist magazine, 21 July 2007.

An Enormous Theorem: the classification of finite simple groups (Winner, Plus Magazine New Writers Competition, December 2006)

Cantor and Cohen: Infinite Investigators, Part 1: the axiom of choicePlus magazine, June 2008 (Also available in Arabic)

Cantor and Cohen: Infinite Investigators, Part 2: the continuum hypothesisPlus magazine, June 2008 (Also available in Arabic)

Exotic spheres, or why 4-dimensional space is a crazy placePlus magazine, January 2010
(and in Arabic)



These are some of the talks, interviews, and masterclasses I’ve given over the years. For more technical university seminars and conference talks, see my Mathematical Talks page.

• University of York Mathematics Society talk (April 2014) on Gödel, Incompleteness, and Unprovable Theorems (Video)

Institute of Mathematics and its Applications Seminar (December 2013) at University of Central Lancashire.

• WP Milne lecture at Leeds Festival of Science (March 2013) on The Maths that Makes the Modern World. Slides and blogpost here.

• Maths Special edition of The Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast, along with Ian Stewart and Brian Cox, and hosted by Alok Jha (March 2011). MP3 here.

• Interview with Neil Denny on Little Atoms on Resonance FM (December 2010). MP3 here.

• Interview with Dan Damon on World Update on the BBC World Service, about unprovability and set theory (November 2010). MP3 here.

• Talk at the West Yorkshire Astronomical Society, about Infinity and Hugh Woodin’s Ultimate L (November 2011). Slides here [pdf].

• Talk at PhilSoc in Manchester, to an audience of students from three Manchester schools (September 2011), about “Infinity and the Limits of Mathematics”. Slides here [pdf].

• Webinar on “Some families of polyhedra” at Mathfuture, hosted by Maria Droujkova (May 2011). If you don’t know your tetrahemihexahedron from your tridiminished rhombicosidodecahedronfrom, you can watch it online here.

• In 2011, 2012, 2013, & 2014 I have given workshops on “Knot Maths” to school-children aged 13-14 as part of the Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses in Leeds. Handout here [pdf].

• Maths Excursion talk at Leeds Univeristy on the topic of Pick’s Theorem and Ehrhart Polynomials (February 2012). Slides here [pdf].

• Logic Seminar at the University of Leeds, on the topic of Concrete Incompleteness. (October 2010) Slides and blogpost here.

• With Matt Daws, I have developed a 2 hour workshop on Knot Theory for sixth-formers, which we have given several times to date, including as part of Leeds Festival of Science. Handouts and blogpost here.

• Also with Matt Daws, I have developed a 2 hour workshop on Pick’s Theorem for sixth-formers, which we have given once to date (March 2013) as part of Leeds Festival of Science.

• I have given talks and masterclasses on various aspects of mathematics (including prime numbers, tessellations, infinity, knot theory, waves) at schools around Yorkshire.

• In February 2007, I appeared on Channel 4’s radio show The Tube, discussing Goldbach’s Conjecture with Alex James (of Blur fame) in front of an audience of screaming teenage rock fans. (Write-up here.)

• October 2007, I gave a talk about e and transcendental numbers at CafĂ© Scientifique in Chapel Allerton, Leeds, in front of a less screaming, less teenage audience.

• See also my commendations page.